Disbandment-Parade-1993 On 1 March 1993 a parade was held at the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force Headquarters adjoining Kai Tak International Airport. Unlike previous parades which had taken place in the hangar and on the aircraft dispersals, this was a significant but sad occasion. It was a final parade to mark the disbandment of the RHKAAF, and the handing over of its aircraft and duties to its successor organisation, the Government Flying Service (see https://www.gfs.gov.hk). On the last day of that month, the Squadron Standard was laid up in St. John’s Cathedral, and on 1 April 1993 the final flypast of RHKAAF aircraft took place over Victoria Harbour. The HKAAF had come into existence in May 1949, but the “Auxies” who marched and flew their way into history in 1993 could trace their lineage to 1854 when, even before there were aeroplanes, there were “volunteers”.
Below are some salient dates and events from the history of the Unit.  For those interested to learn more, then it is recommended you read Winged Dragon : The History of the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force.
1841 – 1945 1945 – 1970 1971 – 1993
Disbandment plaque

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