It is an accepted fact that aviators love to re-fly their flights when back on terra firma. This often happens in the convivial atmosphere of a mess bar, in the company of other aviators.  The story is often repeated several times in the days that follow and each time seems to grow in excitement and daring, especially the later in the evening it is being related, and the more refreshment that has been taken – just to be sociable, of course.
There comes a point, however, when the story may have been embellished to such an extent that its credibility is somewhat doubted by the current listeners.  This is when the narrator is thought to have crossed the line between fact and wishful thinking.  He is then said to be ‘Shooting a Line’.  This seldom happened with Auxies, of course, but someone back in 1951 had the brilliant idea of recording such rarities and the ‘Line Book’ came into being.  In 1956, on completion of his posting to the HKAAF, Flight Lieutenant Geof Cairns RAF presented the unit with a second Line Book.  The Line Books lived in the bar of the HKAAF / RHKAAF in readiness to capture the event, and provided many happy amusing moments when read in later years.
The Line Book pages are copied below.  Tiredness (?) of the authors at the bar has sometimes made it difficult to read what is written.  Over the years the entries have become somewhat faded and even more difficult to read, especially in the reduced format.  To make it easier each page has been transcribed.  Even with the aid of a magnifying glass, however, some signatures have been impossible to identify.  If you recognise any please let me know.
Enjoy. Roy Brooks

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