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Throughout its existence the Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force / Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force enjoyed a healthy working and social relationship with the Royal Air Force in Hong Kong.  Indeed, during the early years following the second world war the aircraft flown by the unit were provided by the RAF.  In addition, hangarage and Headquarters buildings were provided by the RAF on RAF Kai Tak station.  This effectively meant the Station Commander RAF Kai Tak was the unit’s landlord.

The Commanding Officer of the HKAAF / RHKAAF, by virtue of its ordinance, was answerable to the Governor of Hong Kong for the operation of the unit.  At the same time the Commander Royal Air Force Hong Kong (CRAF) was the Governor’s advisor on all military flying in Hong Kong.  This, in effect, meant the unit was obliged to satisfy CRAF on its flying standards.  Annually, a team from the RAF in the United Kingdom visited Hong Kong to examine the RAF and HKAAF / RHKAAF aircrews.  Although officially entitled “Air Support Command Standardisation Unit” the visitors were better known as “Trappers”.  It is pleasing to know the HKAAF / RHKAAF never received a bad report from these examiners.

The officers appointed to the posts of Commander Royal Air Force Hong Kong and Station Commander Royal Air Force Kai Tak are listed below.  It should be noted, from 1973 (as Air Headquarters Hong Kong no longer existed) the duties of CRAF was also carried by the Station Commander RAF Kai Tak, until that station closed in 1978, at which time the mantle was taken up by the OC RAF Shek Kong.













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