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CRAF / Station Commander KT

Loan Personnel Visiting Examiners
  The officers appointed to the posts of Commander Royal Air Force Hong Kong and Station Commander Royal Air Force Kai Tak are listed below. It should be noted, from 1973 (as Air Headquarters Hong Kong no longer existed) the duties of CRAF was also carried by the Station Commander RAF Kai Tak, until that station closed in 1978, at which time the mantle was taken up by the OC RAF Shek Kong.  

Commander RAF Hong Kong (CRAF)   Station Commander RAF Kai Tak  
    Wg. Cdr. R.C. Haine, OBE DFC Sep 1945
    Gp. Capt. G. K. Horner, AFC Dec 1945
Air Cdre. S.N. Webster, CBE AFC Jun 1946    
    Gp. Capt. E.A. Jones Oct 1946
    Wg. Cdr. J.W.C. Simpson, DFC Jun 1948
    Gp. Capt. J.N. Jefferson Jan 1948
Air Cdre. A.D. Davies, CBE Oct 1948    
    Gp. Capt. J. Worrall, DFC Jul 1949
Air Cdre. D.W.F. Bonham-Carter, CB DFC Apr 1951    
    Gp. Capt. H.M. Pearson, CBE Dec 1951
Air Cdre. R.C. Field Dec 1952    
    Gp. Capt. J.F. Newman, DSO DFC Apr 1953
Air Cdre. A.D. Messenger, CBE Jun 1955    
    Gp. Capt. A.J.M. Smythe, OBE DFC Oct 1955
Air Cdre P.D. Holder, DSO DFC Nov 1957    
    Gp. Capt. H.A.S. Disney, OBE Apr 1958
    Wg. Cdr. R.C. Rotheram, OBE DFC Apr 1958
Air Cdre. P.L. Donkin, CBE DSO Feb 1960    
    Wg. Cdr. A.S. Mann, DFC Aug 1961
Air Cdre. J.N.H. Whitworth, CB DSO DFC May 1962    
    Wg. Cdr. J.S. Knox, DFC AFC Feb 1964
Air Cdre. D. Crowley-Milling, CBE DSO DFC Apr 1964    
Air Cdre. H.A.C. Bird-Wilson, CBE DSO DFC AFC Dec 1965    
    Wg. Cdr. D.E.B Dowling, AFC Aug 1966
    Gp. Capt. H.R. Williams Jan 1968
    Air Cdre. C.L. Godwin, AFC Oct 1970
    Wg. Cdr. S.E. King Aug 1971
Air Cdre. M.P. Stanton, CBE Dec 1972 Air Cdre. M.P. Stanton, CBE Dec 1972
Air Cdre. B.C. Frow, DSO DFC* Mar 1975 Air Cdre. B.C. Frow, DSO DFC* Mar 1975
Gp. Capt. A.D.A. Honley AFM MBIM Mar 1977 Gp. Capt. A.D.A. Honley, AFM MBIM  Mar 1977
Gp. Capt. G.A. Bennett, OBE Jan  1979    
Gp. Capt. D.B. Hives Apr  1981    
Gp. Capt. C.M. Christie, FBIM Jul   1983    
Gp. Capt. M.J. Milligan, OBE FRAeS Jun 1986    
Gp. Capt. D.J. Hamilton Feb 1988    
Gp. Capt. J.D. Kennedy, BA Feb 1990    
Gp. Capt. S.W. Hunt, OBE Feb 1992    
Wg. Cdr. B.P. Simmons, BSc MInstP CPhys Oct 1994    

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