The Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force | Semper Paratus
This website is dedicated to all who served in the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force and its predecessors: the Air Arm of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps, the Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force, and the Hong Kong Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

The authors of this site would like to thank Flt Lt Gerry Estrada, AE RHKAAF (ret'd), who came up with the idea of a website in the first place and who provided some of the material used in it.


A huge thank you must go to Michael Chan - Controller, GFS - who kindly made facilities available and allowed Patrick Fok, together with other GFS volunteers, Gordon Andreassend of the HK Historical Aircraft Association, and former Auxies, to scan the many photograph albums that had accumulated over the years at the HKAAF / RHKAAF / GFS headquarters.

The authors would also like to gratefully acknowledge the permission granted by Valerie Ann Penlington and Odyssey Publications to reproduce material from the book "Winged Dragon: The History of the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force".

Finally, thanks go to those who gave of their time to search out photographs, some of which had long since been despatched to remote corners gathering dust, in order that others might share their memories. The list is too long to include here (it currently stands at forty-nine and hopefully will increase as time goes by) but you know who you are, and hopefully you will get satisfaction from seeing your photographs on the site and depicting part of Hong Kong's history.

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